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Being a top Private Investigation (PI) firm in Singapore, we not only possess a valid Private Investigation Agency Licence issued by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) of Singapore but we are also equipped with decades of private investigation experience, having resolved all our cases with artful precision and concrete evidence.

While there is a wide variety of cases that can be investigated, the scope of investigation typically includes:

  • Background checks and research
  • Sourcing and verification of leads
  • Digital forensics to extract crucial evidence from mobile phone(s) and laptop(s)
  • Analysis of gathered data and information
  • Site inspection
  • Locating and tracking individuals/vehicles
  • Discreet surveillance of key individuals
  • Evidence gathering
  • Review and consolidation of evidence
  • Generating a comprehensive investigation report

Whether it’s an investigation of a crime (commercial) or an individual (matrimonial), be it for individuals or businesses, we’re here to uncover the truth with concrete, legal and factual evidence.

Armed with the latest technology in photography, filming and recording, we are able to gather evidence in the form of:

  • Audio clips
  • Photographs
  • Video clips
  • Exhibits and findings
  • Recorded statements
  • Verified background research documents

Our assignments are carried out with utmost professionalism, ensuring the delivery of high-quality evidence with satisfactory results for our clients’ peace of mind. The investigation will be performed in a highly discreet, perceptive and relentless manner.

Throughout the process, our clients will be kept up-to-date with the progress of our investigation. As much as we are empathetic to our client’s needs, we remain objective and steadfast towards our findings with a strong belief in the truth.

If this is the kind of private investigation service you need, request a free consultation with us today!


Getting embroiled in a lawsuit can be a draining experience. Having worked with numerous local and international law firms to help gather useful supporting evidence for their cases, we are well-versed with the types of evidence that can be incriminating in court.

Our close connection with these law firms also allows us to recommend suitable legal counsel for our clients.

Types of litigation investigations we can assist with:

  • Collecting evidence of infidelity and partner’s asset tracing for divorce proceedings
  • Countering allegations in a lawsuit
  • Upholding the court order
  • Locating new witnesses
  • Monitoring movements and interactions of eyewitnesses
  • Countermeasures to detect any hidden surveillance devices for complete debugging
  • Securing the site and evidence to avoid any tampering or falsification of documents
  • Forensic document examination to detect any forgery, especially in signatures
  • Conducting digital forensics on mobile phones or computers
  • Uncovering corporate conspiracy and any breach of fiduciary duties
  • Gathering evidence to absolve the criminal charge of the wrongly accused
  • Background research on defamation and libel suits

Litigation investigations can be applied to different areas of the law, from civil suits to criminal defences.

More often than not, cases are complicated and the evidence obtained by the normal discovery of the police is insufficient to support your case.

Depending only on subpoenas and discovery requests can affect the effectiveness of the case arguments and prevent attorneys from achieving the best possible outcome.

With the professional assistance of private investigators, attorneys can save themselves time and effort in obtaining critical supporting evidence to supplement their research and witness testimonies.

Experienced, licensed private investigators are not only able to conduct an extensive and thorough investigation, but they are also well aware of what an attorney needs to be qualified as a substantial piece of evidence that is admissible in court.

Equipped with the necessary tools, training and network, private investigators are able to dig deeper and reach further to capture vital evidence for attorneys, while maintaining confidentiality and secrecy.

For a seamless process of quality evidence gathering that can be admissible in court to bolster your litigation case, contact us to kickstart a non-obligatory discussion now.


A good marriage provides you with the love and support you need to advance in your career. It validates your worth and builds your well-being.Consequently, when you feel that your marriage is falling apart, you may also spiral downwards in all aspects of your life, leaving you scared, lonely and confused.

As much as you may fear the truth, it is the truth that will bring clarity into your life and restore your peace of mind, giving you the courage to move on with your life.

Here are the types of investigation you may consider launching so you can put your fears to rest once and for all:


With all the financial implications that come with marriage, it is wise to consider a background check on your partner, before they become your mate for life.

Whether there’s something that caused suspicion on your part or you simply wish to safeguard your finances before letting another person into your life, launching a premarital investigation will grant you a sense of security in the long run.

After all, love can be blinding, so engaging a third party for this investigation will provide the objectivity you need to make an informed decision.

You may end up trusting your partner more than ever or lose the trust completely, but it is important for you to find out before you sink any deeper into the relationship.

Some red flags include a deliberate avoidance to talk about their past and you haven’t even met any of their friends and family.

They may also become defensive or accusatory when certain topics about their past are brought up and display highly secretive behaviours, for example, answering phone calls away from you or putting in odd hours at work.

If they are excessively concerned about your finances and becoming intrusive or even controlling as time goes by, it may be time to kickstart a background investigation to save yourself from a worse heartache in the future.


As marriage is built on trust, the moment you suspect your partner of being unfaithful, it means that cracks are forming in your marriage.

At the early stage of suspicion, you may be filled with uncertainty. You may have observed the tell-tale signs of a cheating spouse, from changes in their routine, behaviour and appearance to the increasing periods of time when you’re unable to reach them, but in your heart, you still wish to give them the benefit of the doubt.

However, when there is a seed of doubt, it will only grow with time, if it’s not uprooted completely. Before it causes irreparable damage to your marriage, launching a covert investigation can help you to confirm or dispel your concerns without your partner’s awareness.

On the other hand, you may be at a stage where you have already confirmed your suspicion and are ready to move on. What you need now is a set of concrete, irrefutable evidence of your partner’s infidelity to stand you in good stead during the divorce proceedings.

We are well-equipped with the technology and experience to conduct a thorough investigation and provide you with the evidence you need in the most cost-effective manner.

The process begins with a clear understanding of our client’s intentions. Stemming from their suspicions, we develop leads and plan a surveillance operation to follow the subject discreetly and obtain incriminating evidence that can be in the form of photographs, audio clips and video recordings.

All of our private investigators are highly experienced and proficient in the legal gathering of valuable evidence that can be admissible in a court of law.

We can’t deny that the truth may hurt, but it is the first step to take toward healing and closure.

We work to resolve the case quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to endure the painful process longer than you have to.

Ready to uncover the truth? Contact us for a non-obligatory consultation today.


Commercial malpractice can have a severe impact on a business, either in the form of financial loss or reputational damage.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to nip the problem in the bud, before the situation escalates with unbearable consequences.

Launching an investigation to uncover commercial malpractices can not only resolve issues before resulting in critical damage, but it also upholds an organisation’s business integrity and commitment to quality, instilling trust in both its clients as well as employees.

Some of the common commercial investigations include:

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a great way to assess the quality of service and performance of your existing employees as well as the operational efficiency of the business.

Whether it’s the decreasing sales or bad reviews, the observations of objective undercover shoppers may help you to identify the problems and inefficiencies in the business operations, hence providing you with the opportunity to resolve the issues and improve the business.

Our mystery shoppers will visitthe store and carry out common consumer behaviours to observe from a customer’s point of view. The entire customer journey, from the store condition to the quality of service rendered, is mapped out and recorded either on a detailed questionnaire or through photographs, audio and video clips.

Pre-employment Screening

The standard pre-employment screening, usually performed by the Human Resource (HR) department, is based on a simple reference check. However, the referees are generally provided by the candidates themselves, hence the risk of manipulation still exists.

Having a thorough background check on employees is crucial in ensuring the quality of work they can produce and their effectiveness in the role.

It also helps to make sure their character is trustworthy, dependable and sociable to avoid disruption and discomfort to the existing workplace culture.

Additionally, such screening can help companies to avoid hiring exploitative individuals who may have a precedent for incurring unnecessary lawsuits and insurance claims.

Once a candidate is identified for pre-employment screening, background checks and research will be conducted to verify the credentials and experience.

Interviews may also be conducted with their former co-workers to determine their character and fit in the organisation.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud can come in many forms. Whether it’s the trading of confidential business information, fraudulent compensation claims from insurance or bribery, it is vital for a company to get to the bottom of it, as it has a direct impact on the business, both financially and in reputation.

Exposing unethical business practices by employees can also serve as a warning to others that such behaviour cannot be tolerated in the company.

To determine if there’s a breach, we will perform background research on the parties involved, track their physical and online movements as well as interactions, and collect all the direct and circumstantial evidence for analysis in a detailed report.

Don’t let a single black sheep in the company take down the entire business. Engage us to start an investigation today!


Our vast network allows us to conduct investigations not just locally, but also overseas. This can span across regional countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, or as far as China and other regions of the world.Dedicated to unearthing the truth for our clients, our team of professional investigators are prepared to conduct international investigations and engage the help of our extensive worldwide network to discover leads that can lead to a case breakthrough.

Conducting an international investigation may be challenging as you not only need to communicate in a foreign language and access foreign records, but you also have to be able to assimilate into the foreign culture to obtain reliable leads.

Relying on our credible, well-established international network, we will be able to procure primary data and intelligence on overseas activities, before assessing if there is a pertinent need to make a trip over to the country to verify the accuracy of the information.

Cases that may require international investigation include:

Missing Person Abroad

Locating a missing loved one can be a distressing ordeal, especially when you feel that you’ve exhausted all channels and options locally.

Should you have a nagging feeling to conduct an international search or your loved one has gone missing overseas, we can activate our international network to help you trace their whereabouts.

If you’re looking for long-lost friends or lovers with whom you have lost touch since they left for another country, we may be able to help you reconnect with them again.

Background Check on International Firm

Prior to investing in an international company, you will need to perform your due diligence and check on the legitimacy of the company to assess the risks of fraud, embezzlement and any potential cover-ups.

With our extensive network and global reach, we can gather the necessary intelligence and evidence to compile a comprehensive report to help you discover the truth of the matter.

Our worldwide services include case analysis, generation of leads, verification of information, tracing and tracking of objects and persons, discreet surveillance, as well as conducting interviews and surveys.

With the heightened digitalisation in the world, our tactical strategies and intelligence gathering can take place both offline and online, extending our reach to our trusted partners all over the world.

This allows us to respond swiftly and efficiently, especially in cases where time is of the essence. To ensure the evidence is obtained legally with proper investigation, we also keep ourselves up-to-date with the local laws and regulations.

If you’re in need of assistance with an international investigation, let our experienced and well-trained professionals guide you through the process with a non-obligatory consultation today.

Why Choose Us?

High Integrity

We endeavour to deliver the results and findings expected of our clients quickly and efficiently, while maintaining absolute confidentiality, without incurring undue costs.

Advanced Technology

Well-equipped with the most advanced technology and devices for surveillance, we ensure the evidence is captured in the best quality for use in court.

Veteran Experience

With years of private investigation experience and training under our belt, we are intuitive in carrying out the most effective investigation and surveillance to capture useful evidence for our clients.

While there is a wide variety of cases that can be investigated, the scope of investigation typically includes:

  • Background checks and research
  • Sourcing and verification of leads
  • Digital forensics to extract crucial evidence from mobile phone(s) and laptop(s)
  • Analysis of gathered data and information
  • Site inspection
  • Locating and tracking individuals/vehicles
  • Discreet surveillance of key individuals
  • Evidence gathering
  • Review and consolidation of evidence
  • Generating a comprehensive investigation report


Client Testimonials

It took a long time for me to decide to hire a PI to check on my husband because I was afraid my world would crumble to pieces if I confirmed my suspicion of him cheating. Now, I’m glad I did, because it provided the closure I desperately needed to move on. Thanks to Cheating Spouse’s professionalism, I was strangely at peace with the evidence they found on him cheating. Because it was clear as day, I could no longer find any excuse for him and myself to hold on to a broken marriage. I’ve since filed for divorce and I’ve never felt more at ease with this decision.”

Ivan Lim


It’s crazy to think that the fiance who declared his love for me was also cheating on me with not just one, but multiple partners. Good thing I engaged Catch a Cheating Spouse to perform a background check on him before we actually got married. Such a close shave!”

Belinda Chow



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