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As the best Private Investigators (PIs) in Singapore, we possess the professionalism in carrying out our assignments in the most effective manner with discreet surveillance, astute observations and persistent follow-ups to uncover the truth with concrete evidence.


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Equipped with a valid Private Investigation Agency Licence issued by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) of Singapore as well as decades of private investigation experience, particularly on matrimonial cases, rest assured that you are in safe hands when you engage top Private Investigators in Singapore like us.

Our work is performed with high professionalism, ensuring that the evidence gathered is legal, factual and sufficient. With a strong determination to reveal the truth and in-depth experience in investigation, we are persistent and intuitive in the evidence-gathering and surveillance process, often leading to breakthrough discoveries. Using the latest technology in photography, filming and recording, we ensure that evidence is gathered in high quality that is appropriate for legal use if need be.

When working with our clients, we display empathy with a commitment to their privacy and needs, while maintaining high objectivity when procuring evidence. By understanding their requirements, we offer the most cost-effective way to conduct the investigation. We also ensure clarity in communication by keeping our clients up-to-date with the progress and identifying areas that may require further investigation. As the top Private Investigators in Singapore, we take pride in delivering satisfactory results, be it to validate or invalidate our client’s suspicions, supported by irrefutable evidence.


Our Specialties


Collect evidence to reveal commercial malpractice by business partners or employees.


Perform thorough but discreet surveillance on a spouse to confirm or dispel existing concerns.


Facilitate international engagements through an intricate network.


Provide legal counsel to clients to ensure continuity of service from evidence gathering to validity of evidence and its usage in court.


We Investigate for Your Peace of Mind

Our range of services aims to gather, analyse and report the evidence for our clients to proceed with their next step, be it in a legal court case or simply regaining peace of mind with the eradication of doubt. Our experienced Private Investigators possess the skills and expertise in procuring evidence with artful precision on what the clients wish to find out.


Client Testimonials

It took a long time for me to decide to hire a PI to check on my husband because I was afraid my world would crumble to pieces if I confirmed my suspicion of him cheating. Now, I’m glad I did, because it provided the closure I desperately needed to move on. Thanks to Cheating Spouse’s professionalism, I was strangely at peace with the evidence they found on him cheating. Because it was clear as day, I could no longer find any excuse for him and myself to hold on to a broken marriage. I’ve since filed for divorce and I’ve never felt more at ease with this decision.”

Ivan Lim


It’s crazy to think that the fiance who declared his love for me was also cheating on me with not just one, but multiple partners. Good thing I engaged Catch a Cheating Spouse to perform a background check on him before we actually got married. Such a close shave!”

Belinda Chow


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The Truth Will Set You Free

Although having a gut feeling is accurate about 60% of the time, we understand that it’s hard to make any move until you are absolutely sure what’s going on. That’s why we endeavour to bring you the necessary evidence to confirm or refute your suspicions so that you can lift the deadweight in your heart. Should you require further counselling or legal support, we’re here to offer the services you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only conduct investigations on spouses? What about boyfriends?

Yes, we can conduct investigations on boyfriends and fiances too. Simply share your concerns with us and what you wish to find out, and we will gather the evidence you need to verify your claims.

Why should I choose a licensed Private Investigator?

Licensed Private Investigators are trained to collect evidence only through legal means. We also offer quality services in gathering a wide range of evidence, from photos to videos as well as tracking reports, to ensure you have sufficient information to make an informed decision. In addition, it is mandatory by law that we abide by the Confidentiality clause, so our clients are safe to share their suspicions with us and all discoveries are disclosed to our clients only.

When is hiring a Private Investigator necessary?

The decision to hire a Private Investigator is a personal one. You may have been consumed with doubts, causing you emotional distress, hence requiring professional help to uncover the truth. Or you may be preparing for a divorce and intend to gather as much evidence as possible on your partner’s infidelity and negligence towards the family. These are the common reasons for hiring a Private Investigator so that you can leave the investigation and surveillance to professionals to accomplish the task.

That being said, while we offer an affordable rate for doing so, you should consider if you’re financially comfortable to take the case to the end, or time, effort and money would be wasted without achieving any answer or result.

Do I get live updates during the surveillance?

Yes, it’s possible to receive live updates during the surveillance, but the updates are usually non-verbal to avoid disruption to the operation. We can provide an oral report at the end of the surveillance and a written report within 3 working days upon request.

Do you have ways to access my partner’s electronic devices like laptops or mobile phones?

Unfortunately, it is illegal to do so and such evidence, obtained through illegal means, cannot be presented as court evidence. Our evidence collection methods are strictly legal and we do not perform any actions that may constitute trespassing or harassment.

Are you available 24/7?

For enquiries, we are only available during working hours and will get back to you 48 hours from time of enquiry.

For ongoing cases, depending on their nature and necessity for round-the-clock surveillance, we will make the necessary arrangement based on case requirements. Additional charges may incur for such services.

Are there additional charges to your fee?

Our fees are transparent to our clients, which include costs for background research, surveillance equipment and vehicle, as well as the miscellaneous costs that come with it, such as petrol and parking fees. Charges pertaining to additional services requested by our clients, such as following the target to dine in the same restaurant or stay in the same hotel, will be clearly communicated prior to the service.

Can I terminate the investigation halfway through the process?

Yes, you can. However, costs incurred for all the work done, including background research, are chargeable and non-refundable.


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